Kiwi Online CasinoKiwi is the new online casino site for all New Zealand people who love online gambling. The site consists of the latest casino games that are free to try out as well. The available games can be played for free, and if you are a pro at gambling, you can win yourself millions of NZ dollars by participating in real betting games.For new users, we refer to read articles from to get a better understanding. All the games available at Kiwi are checked and approved by the licensing companies to ensure that all the games and slots available are fast and fare.

Kiwi Online Pokies

New Zealand is widely known to have the best online casino games available for customers to select from. Kiwi is one of the casinos where you get plenty and strong casino games. The matches are free, and others are designed for real bets.
The games are designed by one of the leading gaming companies in the world referred to as Microgaming. Microgaming ensures that all the games at the site are easy to access and of high quality. Over the few years that the site has been active, they have not had any bad experience with their players regarding the quality of their games.
Also, Kiwi online casino site has all the features aligned for players to learn about the website and other information related to the games. The site has various bonuses which are offered to new players and as you progress you also earn more gifts and rewards. Note that if you wish to bet using real cash, the site allows their players to use NZ$. The deposits are made through various online transaction channels, and the players get to withdraw their wins using the same channels. Some of the transaction channels available include the E-wallet, debit and credit cards and you can also use a prepaid card. Another benefit if using Kiwi online casino site is that majority of the games at the site are also accessible on the mobile phones.

Kiwi Pokies and Slots at River Belle Online Casino

Kiwi Online Casino SlotsKiwi online casinos have been made such that once a player is signed up, they will not find any need to look for other online casinos sites. This is because it has a variety of some of the most famous and well known online casino games like online pokies, slot games, and blackjack games.
Kiwi understands that Pokie games have broad fan base and therefore they have included all the online pokie games that you could think of,.These pokie games are;

Online Video Pokies and Slot-in New Zealand

A lot of players prefer to engage in video pokies as the games give them a real feeling of the actual land gambling machines. To ensure such players are taken care of, kiwi has put up some live gambling games which include; Belle Rock slots, micro gaming videos, Hellboy, Tomb Raider and also Thunderstruck.

Classic Pokies and Slots in New Zealand

Classic games are the most comfortable games for those who are new to the gambling world but rest assured that the games are thrilling too. Also, those who are pros in gambling can enjoy some of the classic online games like the Reel pokies Games.

Mega Spin online pokies in New Zealand

Kiwi casinos company believe and understand that each player has their taste and preferences when it comes to online casinos. Some players like progressive pokies while others don’t. Well if you are not interested in the progressive pokies, there are other plenty of games like mega Spin pokies that one can play. Mega spin pokies allow the players to bet and win big on a daily basis.

Progressive Online Pokies machines in New Zealand

The progressive online games are in plenty at kiwi casinos where the players get to bag millions of money. The games also offer huge bonuses to both new and existing players.

Kiwi Online Casino GamesOther benefits of Kiwi Online casinos

1. The players get the most trusted and secure casinos in entire New Zealand.
2. The site only works with reliable and fast payout channels in New Zealand.
3. The players are offered bonuses and promotions throughout.

Pokies for Kiwi Players

The following are some of the reviews presented by the kiwi online casino players regarding their experience with the online.

How they chose Kiwi Online Pokies

The kiwi online casino has all the best online casino games in entire New Zealand. Also, the games are of high quality since the best gaming Microsoft runs them in the world. So if you are a New Zealand citizen looking for an online casino site that you can play some of your favorite gambling games, then Kiwi is the right place to be.

Other Benefits Include

1. Welcome bonuses offered to new players.
2. Depositing of the bets is comfortable and secure.
3. There are excellent customer services to all players.
4. The withdraw services are quite fast and convenient.