One of the most popular casino games, and that ironically leaves the highest percentage of profit to the house, are slot machines. In order within the room, or randomly placed on purpose, the truth is that by their simple dynamics and the ease with which they can return the money, in some cases, remain as favorites.

Some players, while being carried away by the adrenaline that represents being in front of one of these devices, believe that playing in front of a slot machine does not merit proper behavior. Or at least one similar to the one demanded by the gaming tables.

However, there are implicit rules that the casino and the rest of the players, especially the most experienced ones, expect each user of the slot machines to fully comply with, this, first of all, to maintain harmony within the room and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Parking shift

When the casinos are full to burst, it is natural for players to get long lines to enjoy their favorite games. The table games, by number and number of members, may be more crowded than pokies machines. However, this does not mean that the fun and colorful machines should not wait for a turn.

There is no time limit to play in them. A user can insert coins and restart the game as many times as he wants. In that sense, it is very bad taste to insist on someone to vacate the machine, whether winning or losing.

On the other hand, in these machines, the places are reserved. Therefore, if any player notices that there is a glass of coins, a jacket -in the case of seats-, or any incipient sign that someone else is using the slot machine, it is best to wait patiently for their turn.

One machine at a time

Just as respecting the turn of each player is seen as a sign of respect, there is another aspect to take into consideration. This time by the person who is using the machine.

Nobody is going to ask you to stop your play. However, before a number of people lining up, and several machines occupied, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth to the rest of the users when a player is using several machines at the same time.

You may be pushed for various reasons: perhaps you are at the peak of your luck or have a lot of money to spend. Whatever the case, management will act immediately if some other anxious player files a complaint.

When a game room is empty, it is totally acceptable to enjoy the experience of several machines simultaneously. If not, what is strongly recommended is to limit the use to one machine at a time.

Forgotten cards

In the midst of the excitement and euphoria, it can happen that a player forgets his card, the one that the casino has given him to facilitate the dynamics of the game and allow him to obtain more consecutive rewards. Being a personalized privilege, feasible to use and extremely profitable, it is a sign of disrespect that another gambler takes it if someone else has left it forgotten.

To diminish the coincidence of these situations, the casinos hang signs in which they urge a player to leave a forgotten card in the upper part of the machine. Whether you come back or not, management appreciates it since it saves you a lot of time looking for something that someone else has taken.

The forgotten cards, inside a casino, are the equivalent of forgetting a cell phone, or the very prize. Maintaining a position of honesty in an environment in which the reliability of people is always being questioned is a quality that sooner or later leaves rewards.

Respect is the golden rule

In addition to maintaining sanity, limited to a machine when there are other people waiting and returning all objects found in front of a slot machine, the main rule was, is and will always respect.

In the casinos the atmosphere is sinful, therefore it is common for emotions to overflow because of a very bad streak mixed with several drinks of alcohol. This, in the worst case, can trigger conflicts between table members, rows of players and, why not, gamblers of the slots.

When these unpleasant scenarios are carried out, the security of the casino does not take long to act and, although they generally stop the dispute immediately, there are players who, in the midst of a drunken stupor or by impudence, continue to disregard the rules.

This, in addition to being very bad seen by the management and the players, can trigger that they veto a person, emphatically prohibiting their entrance to a game room for days, months and even years.

Avoid problems, be friendly with the staff and leave a few tips are also part of the implicit code of respect that will help all players to enjoy the moment fully.