High roller roulette differs from regular roulette because you can make large bets. This is why the term “High Roller” was coined. This game is reserved for people with large bankrolls. This competition is an online version of European roulette. It is a game where you can predict the ball’s exact location in each of the 37 numbers. Based on correct predictions, the players win, and the payout is the winning bet amount.

The table and bet type limitations limit the number of combinations of bets or just one type of bet. The wheel starts spinning after the players have placed their wagers. The ball will turn opposite the rotation, bounce off the wheel diamonds, and land randomly in a pocket. The winning numeral is displayed on the billboard by placing a dolly on the betting area. All bets that do not correspond to the winning number will be removed. Bets on the winning numbers are paid according to the payout.

Roulette is easy to play. Choose a discount on chips and place your bets. You can then spin the wheel to check if your guess was correct. You can place multiple bets but it’s best to not wager more than you think you will win. Also, you should not wager more than the maximum on the table.

There are several betting types. Inside bets can be placed on numbers or lines between numbers in the table’s internal area. There are six possible options: a straight, split, or three-line (street), corner(square), and six-line. Straight bets can be placed on one number, including the 0. Split bets are placed on two adjacent numbers that can be horizontally or vertically. Three-line bets on a row with three numbers (also known as a street) on a horizontal or single line. Corner bets are placed on four digits within a square-shaped layout. A six-line chance on two streets adjacent to each other is also possible.

You can also place outside bets on the left row, middle row, and right row (column), 1st 12 (dozen), 19=36 or 1-18 (high), red or black, odd or even. The right, middle, and right row (column) bet on all 12 numbers in any left, middle, or right rows. The stakes on the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12 (dozen), include 12 consecutively in three rows. The 1-18 and 19-36 bets are on the 18 highest or 18 lowest numbers. Red and black bets can be placed on all black or all white. Odd or even betting is on all odd or all even.

High roller poker is the same as regular roulette. The odds are the same, but the payouts and risk increase. The only difference is that the bet limit is significantly higher than the standard roulette.

You can find some systems on e-bay right now. These systems use a trigger number. Once the trigger number is reached, you can place a bet for a set number of spins on specific numbers until you win. You increase your stake for every loss—allowed winnings between PS20 and PS50 per hour. You can win again, but you will lose your winnings. Wait for your trigger number to come up again. You are restricted by the maximum spin bet of PS100 and the staking system of the roulette (only increases in PS1 for each number after the initial PS1 bet).

To me, the system is an increasing bet progression. Based on my calculations, the two trigger numbers systems that I know of (one for Ladbrokes and one for Coral) will win for 99% to 96%, respectively. For that 99% and 96%, you win very little. But, losing big can mean you lose all of your winnings.

According to the seller, the odds of losing on either system are zero and very rarely on the other, so you will ultimately win. I am not convinced. It doesn’t seem like the Holy Grail in software roulette to me. You will need to play it thousands of times to prove that it works. (The seller claims he played it thousands over four years.).

The machines claim this machine is random, but they are not. They would not be permitted to declare this by law – if they weren’t lucky.

When we think about random on roulette, we think of 36 numbers one-in-36 chance. I read somewhere that the system selects six lucky numbers. Then, it checks to see which number has the MINIMUM. The system will ‘pay out’ or lose if that number is chosen.

  • So the “random” part is to choose six randoms. (Or it could be the other method; it might pick six and then pick one randomly).
  • These machines can be fixed in any way you want.
  • I once covered the table but then noticed that number 10 was missing, lol.
  • Other times, I’ve covered the table and noticed that one number isn’t covered as much – it is that number. They are a fix.
  • Ladbrokes is a sham. The machines there are too prominent. They just rob you right away. Let me have some fun, and let me lose my money slowly.
  • Bet on red or black, lost loss lost again – place a bet on the 3rd lost bet red and evens lose, etc. You know how pissy it is

Black Jack only 2 pounds higher than I thought – I decided to raise all my hands (5-handed) to a PS2 each. Oh, and guess what the dealer got? I won’t bother telling you, but I will let your guesses be known as what the dealer got from Ladbrokes when I increased my blackjack bets.

I’m sure individuals will find a way to cheat/cheat the computer, but it won’t be a system’. There is no system for them. The roulette odds are against your side. You will lose eventually the more you play it.

Ladbrokes has taught me a hard lesson. I should not play them, and if I do, to only spend a cheeky fiver. If you want to play roulette, play for the short term. You will not need to spin the wheel (e.g., put it all on red or all on a third).

If you say the “shitabout” putting a pound on – if it loses to PS2 or fails to $4- that is flawed. The casinos have calculated that the casino will lose within a certain number of spins (i.e.500 000 – A sequence of 15 reds and 15 blacks is guaranteed. This action means that if you double your bets, it will result in you going bust in the line of 15. There are also boundaries to how much you can wager. The best thing is not to play, lol.

Just a temporary message to say that I was not brilliant at school. However, some of the comments made on this site are pretty funny. A roulette wheel has 37 digits. If the wheel is randomly chosen, there are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel.

Simple mathematics. Divide 37 numbers by 12 numbers to get approximately 3. Playing 12 numbers per spin will give you a win rate of about 3. The odds of winning are high that you will not succeed in 12 spins.

How can anyone afford such a stupid and absurd system? When I read these comments, I laughed out loud. They are entitled to their opinions. Playing for fun is always more profitable than playing for real money. They are playing with real money.

You can try Red/Black betting. If you bet consistently on Red, you will see 9-15 (probably more than 15, but 15 is the maximum I have seen) blacks appear in a row. If you consistently bet on black, you will see 9-15 reds in a row.

Try betting on Red, and once you control won, switch to betting on black and vice versa (doubling your bet individually time you lose like in the Red/Black betting system), and suddenly you will see red/black/red/black/red/black, etc.

You can only bet on one number, and it will not appear again. It is not random to me. They watch what you do and ensure your number/color does not turn up.

The majority of online casino software is created by a small number software companies. The same software is used by 90%+ of online casinos. If one of the hundreds online casinos didn’t fix it, the others would feel resentful.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a high roller, taking risks and reaping the rewards of large wagers? High roller roulette, the vibrant, adrenaline-filled game, might be the thing for you. This game stands out with its potential for massive wins, bringing the lively casino atmosphere into your living room and setting your heart racing with each wheel spin.

Think about this: you’re not just playing for the big wins but also for the VIP experience. With bonuses and exclusive perks galore, you’ll relish the lavishness usually reserved for the high-rollers at posh casinos. Yes, it’s online, but the royal treatment? It feels just as accurate.

Let’s step back a bit. Enthralling as it may be, high-roller roulette demands strategy and self-control. The stakes are high, and the responsibility is more significant. Navigating this thrilling ride entails effective bankroll management and knowing when to step back. Keep in mind: despite the allure of high bet limits, only venture as far as your budget comfortably allows.

Getting caught in the intoxicating excitement of high roller roulette is easy. The anticipation that builds with each roll, the suspense that heightens as the ball begins to slow, the exhilaration when you see your chosen number – an irresistible thrill, a rush like no other.

However, caution is critical. Beware of systems that promise easy wins – if they sound too good to be true, they probably are. Like all casino games, the house always has an edge in roulette. Sure, some strategies may tip the odds slightly in your favor, but remember, there’s no perfect system that guarantees a win every time.

The fear of rigged machines? Completely valid. But reputable online casinos take this seriously. They rely on random number generators to ensure fairness, and independent bodies audited systems regularly to confirm their randomness. So yes, you might encounter a rough patch, a few losses in a row, but that doesn’t mean the game’s rigged. In roulette, each spin is genuinely random.

At its core, exceptionally high roller roulette is a game of chance. Regardless of your strategies or systems, the most crucial point is to enjoy the game. Gamble responsibly.

Lastly, remember that high roller roulette isn’t a stable income source. It’s an exciting diversion, a thrilling pastime, but it should be viewed as something other than a reliable way to make money. Always play responsibly, enjoy the game, and remember – the ultimate goal is to have some fun!

Ever pondered the life of a high roller, where risks are sky-high but so are the rewards? Picture yourself in the midst of high roller roulette. It’s not just any game; it’s a kaleidoscope of thrill and opulence, where each spin of the wheel could lead to staggering wins, transporting the electric atmosphere of a casino right into your living room. Your heart syncs with each turn of the wheel, anticipation mounting, pulsing with each tiny ball bounce.

Imagine this: it’s not merely about the potential for astronomical wins. You’re diving into an experience, a VIP journey sprinkled with exclusive bonuses and perks. We’re talking about the kind of luxury usually cordoned off for the elite in swanky casinos. Even though it’s online, that feeling of grandeur? It’s undeniably real, tangible even through the screen.

Now, let’s take a step back. High roller roulette is a siren’s song of strategy and restraint. The stakes? They’re as lofty as the skyscrapers. And with high stakes comes greater responsibility. It’s a delicate dance of managing your bankroll and recognizing the right moment to fold. Remember, the allure of hefty bet limits is enticing, but it’s paramount to tread within the realms of your financial comfort zone.

The allure of high roller roulette is akin to a magnetic pull. Each spin builds suspense, a crescendo of excitement, climaxing as the ball slows, teasing, before settling on your chosen number. That rush, that pure, unadulterated exhilaration – it’s an experience that’s both irresistible and indescribable.

Yet, with great excitement comes the need for caution. Be wary of systems peddling surefire wins; if they sound like a fantasy, they likely are. Roulette, like all casino games, always tips slightly in the house’s favor. While certain strategies might nudge the odds a bit towards you, there’s no magic formula for consistent winning.

Concerns about rigged systems are understandable. However, credible online casinos don’t take these worries lightly. They employ random number generators, ensuring fairness is the name of the game. These systems undergo regular audits by independent entities, verifying their randomness and integrity. So, a streak of bad luck doesn’t necessarily point to foul play. In the realm of roulette, each spin is an independent event, as random as the universe can make it.

Fundamentally, high roller roulette is a dance with chance. Strategies and systems aside, the essence of the game is to revel in the moment. It’s about responsible gambling.

In closing, it’s crucial to remember: high roller roulette is not a golden ticket to steady income. It’s a thrilling adventure, a vibrant escape, but not a financial plan. Play with responsibility at the forefront, savor the game, and above all, let the primary goal be to bask in the joy it brings!