I am here to tell you the incident of last month when I was at Melbourne (well known city in Australia) at my aunt’s home. She lives there with her two puppies. One day he asked me to buy some dog food from market, so I went to the market. And when I was purchasing some items, a girl came to me and told me about an online casino site with no deposit bonus (she was promoting her website). And she gave me a broacher in which all details of that websites were given. She gave me a code by which I can play some spins for free.

And after purchasing I came back to home and gave all items to aunty, I was feeling bored at my room because I was alone and aunty was cooking that time. So I thought to play on that casino site. Name of that site was Ruby Fortune. I opened that and started mining some other information and review so that I could assure myself that there was no fraud at all.

For that I contacted my friends and chatted with them until I got myself satisfied, my all friend suggested me to play on that site, so I signed up for participating. And after sign up I won some bonus too, that was great!

The site was so beautiful, fully designed for the players. There were lots of events are there so that I got confused that which one I should go through with, all were looking equally good. I chosen a one randomly and that was named as Mad Hatter. I played that pokie for a very long time and enjoyed so much. After a couple of time aunty started to scolding me for lunch so I left playing, but before leaving I had downloaded an android app for that site. That’s all I wanted to share with you.

The Secret of the Mermaid Slot

We can only be sure of a few creatures, including Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Despite not being proven, their existence can be confirmed by numerous sightings and photos. Mermaids are one of the most mythical creatures. There have been many sightings, with the first being believed in 600 BC. Since then, there has been much speculation about whether these mythical creatures exist in the oceans or are just beautiful fantasies.

Online slots offer the perfect place to discover history’s myths and legends about mermaids. With the ancient stories of mermaids providing an image of how they should look, many symbols in online casino games can be easily recognized by players. Konami’s Secret of the Mermaid is a new slot offering water-themed slot games. This slot provides action, adventure, and an epic story.

The Jewels of Ocean

The Secret of the Mermaid is a free slot machine set deep below the water. It features buildings that evoke Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This is a very fitting style, as the Ancient Greeks also had their tales of mermaids back when the temples were built in the ancient world. They are far removed from the friendly sea-dwellers that we now see as mermaids today. They were once compared to Sirens, an evil creature that preyed upon sailors and lured them to peril.

The Secret of the Mermaid symbols has a friendlier look than the Siren’s images. The high-paying symbol for mermaids is the image of a gorgeous, fiery-haired woman. You will also find a variety of water-themed symbols on the online slot’s five reels and three rows, such as ancient treasures, curious Dolphins, and colorful shells. These symbols are well-designed, and the rest of the paytable consists of card symbols. However, the themed images are very detailed.

Mermaid Multipliers: Meddling

Secrets of the Mermaid, a 30-pay line slot, offers two bonuses to gamblers that can increase their cash-out. The first is the online casino game’s wild symbols bonus, a valuable blue gemstone in a gold bar. The wild symbols are present on reels 2, 3, and 4. They will replace any card or themed character except the scatter symbols.

For high-paying free games and multipliers, players must land three or more scatter symbols (shown as a shimmering pink gem). A player will receive eight free spins for landing three scatters. Four will award 12 free spins, while five will grant 20. Each payout will be extra special because wild symbols become wild multipliers as the spins progress. The highest paying symbols are the scatters, which are worth 3x as much as the value of the Mermaid symbol at 600x line stake.

Finally, Dry Land

There is plenty to do on dry land, just like adventures underwater. Castle Blood by Game Art has 25 pay lines and the same reel layout that Secret of the Mermaid. Low to medium variance means that you can win often. The 20 free spins are a great way to make some extra cash. The action will be fast-paced with a stacked wild, up to 60x multiplier, and spooky scatter symbols.

Konami’s free Gypsy Fire slot is an excellent addition to an online casino. A high-to-medium variance slot that offers a pleasant change from Secret of the Mermaid’s medium volatility, Gypsy Fire, which has a 60x multiplier, is also available. Players can win huge on this slot. The payout percentage of 96.06% is lower than Secret of the Mermaid’s 96.18% return to player percentage.