I am here to tell you the incident of last month when I was at Melbourne (well known city in Australia) at my aunt’s home. She lives there with her two puppies. One day he asked me to buy some dog food from market, so I went to the market. And when I was purchasing some items, a girl came to me and told me about an online casino site with no deposit bonus (she was promoting her website). And she gave me a broacher in which all details of that websites were given. She gave me a code by which I can play some spins for free.

And after purchasing I came back to home and gave all items to aunty, I was feeling bored at my room because I was alone and aunty was cooking that time. So I thought to play on that casino site. Name of that site was Ruby Fortune. I opened that and started mining some other information and review so that I could assure myself that there was no fraud at all.

For that I contacted my friends and chatted with them until I got myself satisfied, my all friend suggested me to play on that site, so I signed up for participating. And after sign up I won some bonus too, that was great!

The site was so beautiful, fully designed for the players. There were lots of events are there so that I got confused that which one I should go through with, all were looking equally good. I chosen a one randomly and that was named as Mad Hatter. I played that pokie for a very long time and enjoyed so much. After a couple of time aunty started to scolding me for lunch so I left playing, but before leaving I had downloaded an android app for that site. That’s all I wanted to share with you.