My younger brother is so much addicted of watching cartoon shows, and spends his most of time with cartoon characters. Whenever I saw him, he was engaged with his cartoons all the time. One day he came to me and asked me to download some pictures of Amy Rose (A cartoon character of a TV Series “sonic boom” with a giant hammer), he liked her so much and was planning to create a poster of her so that he could tag it in his room.

I didn’t want to make him disappoint so I started searching some funny pictures for that comic character. When I was searching I found many of articles, blogs, pictures and many of episodes, and I downloaded a picture for him. When I was downloading a link was repeatedly blinking on my screen and it was making an illusion for my eye. I clicked on the cross button so that I could eliminate that link from the page. But it resulted just opposite and after few seconds it brought me to the casino site.

I was so surprised that how could a link redirect me like this even after clicking on cross. But when I saw website it was looking very attractive and my inner soul was forcing me to play on that site. And I always listen to my inner soul so that I kept on that site and started choosing an online slot machine on which I could play. I found many events but I need one which can offer me some free spins, after a long time I found one pokie which was offering me a demo. Soon I signed up and gave payment details, I usually go with paypal. Before participating I went through some video tutorials so that I could understand that event better. After some time I started betting with minimum waging range, I played that for a long time and won some money too.

I downloaded an apk file for this game too, so that I could enjoy it whenever I wanted to. Me and my younger went to the Sydney Opera House with that money, we enjoyed there. It was nice feeling to have some money in pocket.